Westeastern Diwan

Wie koennen sich Menschen voneinander lernend begegnen?

About me

Personal und professional background


I am born as an only child in Ulm, I grew up in Ulm and Freiburg.

During school time I had violin and singing lessons.

After school I spent one au pair year in Rome learning and loving the italian culture and language.

1992: German and Italian literature degree (Magister) from Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg

Since 1994: teaching German for foreigners at the University of Heidelberg, University of Mannheim, Goethe Institutes (Freiburg, Bruxelles, Munich and Mannheim),

Humboldt Institute, Berlin and the Volkshochschulen (Munich and Berlin)

Since end of school time, interest in serious astrology. In the last years I worked out how to make people familiar with their birthchart in a processed, self responsible way.

Since years I have been developping concepts how people of all levels and nations can contribute to a non violent coexistence: By not denying conflicts.

Preparation for official language exams: all levels from A1 to C2 (DSH and TestDaf preparation), including one-to-one-teaching and in-house-teaching for companies employees.

Certification for the Goethe Institute´s B1, B2, C1 and C2 exams

Intercultural experience: a year long stay in Italy, trips to US, Israel, several european countries, and several journeys to Syria before the civil war.

Other languages spoken: English, French and Italian. At the moment I am re-starting to learn Arab.


This, of course, is an old fotography of me and my grandmother, after having passed the university exam. At that time I started to learn belly dancing which I also taught later. For me, it is a really healthy and entertaining way of moving, especially for women wanting to find their own balance. My grandmother was a successful business woman. I hope one day to be able to combine culture, intelligence, fairness with successful business strategies in the sense of win win situations for all involved.



Writing and Reflecting as a passion and human need

Which people are passionate writers?

The advantage of writing is: you can say what you want without anyone stopping or suppressing you. Even if you are not heard or read. Those who want to read my texts have to know German. During university I started to write articles for a cultural magazine. Then during my stage at the Munich Opera House I wrote an article about Carmen. This topic then became very important for me: discovering that the female issue is the key for the human and thus the world's peace! Peace does not mean to suppress conflicts! On the contrary: Only who suppresses the war=the conflicts inside, starts war outside. This requires consciousness, honesty and the intention to comunicate and cooperate well. If the leaders of this world will understand and realize it, is so far another question.